A “hot button issue” which I find significant and recurring throughout all forms of the media is Violence. I plan to focus on the way media portrays violence on the streets or in schools with the influence of things such as drugs, alcohol, TV, films, games, music etc.

Violence can be defined as the “intentional use of physical force against another person or against oneself, which either results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in, injury or death” (Rosenberg, O’Carroll and Powell 1992, p. 3071). Violence is generally classified according to the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator (e.g. gang violence), as well as the location in which it takes place (e.g. street violence).

I will be approaching each theme of street violence from various perspectives in hopes to create both an educational and controversial blog, regarding how the media conveys this topic and its effect on target audiences.


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