Street violence – Schoolies

The media likes to blow up or exaggerate Schoolies violence. It is a hot topic in society because 1- A high per cent of the population have children or are people who attend schoolies 2- Teenagers are an easy target when acting out (they represent our future generations) 3- Considering the amount of people in one vicinity for schoolies, violence does occur, yet it’s not as ruthless as the media makes it out to be.

An example would be A Current Affair’s (ACA) report on Schoolies in Bali (many Australian high school graduates travel here and is a popular tourist destination). ACA uses a very biased review on this issue aiming for the audience to ‘take their side’ by not showing the full story making it difficult for viewers to form another opinion. This is created by presenting only one perspective of the issue. They have achieved this by using snippets of chaotic and violent behaviour indicating that’s all that happens at schoolies. This is further amplified through the use of evocative language when describing incidents which have occurred such as ‘alarming temptations’ the title of the story, ‘Berserk in Bali’ and the repetition of stating there is ‘no rules’ due to the corrupt environment.

Other popular Schoolies destinations for Australian high school leavers are QLD’s Gold coast and Byron Bay where destructive and violent behaviour also occurs. Yet Schoolies in Bali is more relentlessly targeted in a very negative way by the media. Alcohol and drug related violence occurs everywhere, especially places which embrace tourism (such as the Gold Coast). It also needs to be taken into consideration that there is a high possibility of increased violence and crime in peak seasons when certain areas are overpopulated. The portrayal the media places on Schoolies tends to shock and concern viewers, especially parents with teenagers yet to travel to Schoolies destinations.


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