Street violence – Wollongong nightlife

Street violence generally occurs late at night in and out of pubs and nightclubs typically fuelled by alcohol and/or illicit substances. Sometimes the perpetrator is not provoked at all and just looking to start a fight. Usually no weapons are involved but in some cases items found or brought are used e.g. glasses/bottles, knives.

An article printed in The Daily Telegraph February 19, 2011 reports about violence in NSW focusses on Wollongong’s CBD  as a video of collaborated brawls caught on CCTV shows “grim footage that proves alcohol-related violence is out of control in NSW”. This footage has been brought to the attention of local police and discussion of new laws is said to be put in place to hopefully prevent these occurrences. Violence is an easy topic for the media to nudge on the emotions of readers. The language used in the article presents a negative tone which can make the reader feel uncomfortable, concerned, and sometimes scared. For example “grim, brutal, out of control, graphic” and phrases such as “beat each other to a pulp”. When reading this article online, footage of brawls on the streets of Wollongong is available to watch above the text. The video contains no sound, just clips of several of the worst fights caught on camera portraying an alarming state of violence in Wollongong at night time. By the audience watching this before reading the article it assists to sway the minds of the public to agree with regulations debating to be put in place (lock out times, clubs closing earlier etc).


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