Transmedia storytellers

Many of you would be familiar with Harry Potter. JK Rowling’s novels explore a fantasy world of witchcraft and wizardry which became an instant success. The story of Harry Potter is also available through a film series, comics, video games, board games, music and various paraphernalia.  All of these are delivery channels are created and modified to tell us more about Harry Potter’s adventures. This is considered a technological dynamic and is an effective way to engage the audience as some people may prefer one particular delivery of the story than another, enlarging the market. This gives fans an opportunity to participate with the things they love and even go out of their way to produce ‘fan fiction‘ i.e. stories written by fans with the same characters (e.g. alternate endings) and parodies of clips from films/shows. These are then uploaded and shared online – an effective way of advertising without the original author lifting a finger.Using multiple delivery channels assists a story in promotion, popularity and is achieved by many transmedia narratives (e.g. The Matrix, Starwars).

Henry Jenkins discusses transmedia and how we are using technology to tell our own stories in powerful new ways. Jenkins points out that even going back thousands of years the same stories were re-told many times, and that’s exactly what this new era of social media allows us to do. I feel lucky to be a part of this participatory culture, building a new world of collective intelligence.


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