Remix Culture

The evolution of remix culture has allowed society to learn and evolve in the way that we identify each other’s creativity and skill. By engaging in participatory culture we can then strengthen our connections and relationships between each other and this is done through platforms such as music. The rise in remix culture has enhanced audience participation – you can search a song on YouTube and discover various mash-ups and remixes derived from the original. This is a form of convergence through new media content, and we have captivated ourselves in this particular culture by uploading, sharing and expanding original works.  YouTube presents a lot of controversy when it comes to copyright and is very misunderstood by most. The remix culture that various users identify themselves with is completely altering the way that an entire generation thinks about copyright. Users shouldn’t be penalised for uploading remixes or mashups of their favourite songs. However, content regulators will argue that without the original artists approval, your video could be considered illegal. Girl talk would be a prime example of a popular mash up artist and a major influence in remix culture. In my opinion I feel that within a modern society it is important to support remix culture – by integrating ideas and producing them in different ways we can now learn, connect, communicate and understand each other even more.

Here’s a video I found very insightful about remix culture – it explores the way that different social groups have taken ideas and themes from tv/film clips and re-worked them into their own music video.


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