4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi there! Really like your blog – I love how you are saying really interesting things but in a very readable way – no pretension which is a nice change! I am just getting in touch as I recently set up The Re|view, a new website intended to showcase perspectives from across the world that normally don’t get heard in the mainstream media. One aspect of what I want to do is collaborate with existing blogs to help them gain wider readership, and I was wondering if you would be interested in this? This can really be set up in any way you want – you can submit individual articles or you can give us permission to repost from your blog (and include links back to it)– it’s totally up to you. Oh, and we are totally not-for-profit in case that might be an issue, and are launching in about a week.

    Kind Regards,
    Editor at THE RE|VIEW

    • I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media and blogging is mandatory for some of my subjects to explore issues raised in weekly lectures and tutorials – I would be more than happy for you to re-post them with a reference after the launch of your new website 🙂

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